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25 x 5ml Syringes f/2 (f2) + Si 200x (Gamma Irradiated)

25 x 5ml Syringes f/2 (f2) + Si  200x (Gamma Irradiated)

AlgaBoost f/2 is a 200x concentrate of f/2 medium for culture of marine microalgae.

To Make Complete f/2: Add one 5ml dose into 5 litres of sterile or cooled, autoclaved seawater, aerate and you've got 5 litre of complete f/2 medium, the formulation used by the CSIRO Microalgae Culture Laboratories (AUSTRALIA) & closely based on the formulation of Guillard & Ryther (1962) and Guillard (1975).

Perfect for flask or carboy scale & microalgae culture.

Used in Commercial Aquaculture Facilities, MicroAlgae Culture Labs, Research Organisations and University Teaching Labs.

Conveniently dispensed from a disposable syringe. Just remove from bag, remove cap and dispense (5ml makes 1 litres).

Sterile preparation; Syringes and contents have been gamma irradiated.100 ml + 20 litre seawater makes 20 litres Complete f/2 medium

Contains nitrate, phosphate, silicate, iron, citrate (chelator), trace elements (Co, Cu, MoO4, Zn, Mn) and essential vitamins (Thiamine-HCl, Biotin & B12).